Critical Management Studies (CMS) Conference

The Seventh International Critical Management Studies (CMS) Conference is to be held at Faculty of Economics, University of Naples Federico II, Naples between July 11th and July 13th 2011.

It is the first time that the bi-annual CMS Conference will be held outside of the UK. This may be interpreted as a sign of the progressive diffusion of this branch of management theory, and in particular, the interest which is also emerging in Italy.

The Vesuvius, one of the symbols of the city of Naples, is also the symbol that has been chosen to represent the conference. It relates to processes of destruction – in terms of de-essentialism and deconstructionism – and forces of creation – in the sense of the construction of a new organisational analysis as it aspires to take into consideration all stakeholders and society overall.

The current international financial and industrial crisis has dented credibility and public confidence in management theories and practices. The crisis represents both an opportunity and a challenge for the CMS. It prompts us to question and radically re-imagine management through interventions into particular debates about management and pragmatically and actively to encourage progressive forms of management.

The 7th International CMS Conference aims to explore established social practices and institutional arrangements in new and often radical ways, inviting contributions from a global constituency of critical scholars, practitioners, students and other interested parties.

Below are some of the areas that will be questioned and explored during the Conference:

organisational dynamics regarding power, control, resistance, identity, diversity, gender, minorities, ethics, emotions, etc.

emerging contemporary issues: financial crisis and management theories and practices, globalization, climate change, development, branding, new technologies, supply chains, governance, insecurity, etc.

traditional management functions: innovation and entrepreneurship, accounting, information systems, marketing, operations management, industrial relations, etc.

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