¿Qué es un cluster?

Un poco de auto-promoción: hace poco meses publiqué un artículo en EURE que puede ser de interés para aquellos trabajando temas de innovación, proximidad y redes. Su título es “¿Qué es un cluster? Geografías y prácticas de la escena de música experimental en Santiago, Chile” y pueden encontrarlo acá (abajo va abstract).


Cluster theories, and particularly theories on creative clustering, have assumed a highly static, self-contained and idealized idea of the ‘local’. Based on empirical evidence, and following a review of the arguments in favor and against this idea of the ‘local’, this article explores the experimental music scene in Santiago de Chile, as a case of a creative industry structured around an alternative spatiality. Specifically, we argue that under certain productive, cultural and urban conditions, creative industries can unfold around multiple, mobile and eventual spatialities without losing the expected cluster effects. Finally, and only speculatively, we propose a new spatial structure for understanding the process of economic clustering in developing cities.

Manuel Tironi

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