Cfp: Money, Credit, Value: Devices, Practices… and Making the ‘Economic’

Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), October
9 – 12, 2013 San Diego, California, Town and Country Resort and Convention Center ( Money, Credit, Value: Devices, Practices and Modes of Knowing, Sensing and Making the ‘Economic’ (Open Panel 33.). Abstracts can be submitted electronically at, the deadline is March 17, 2013. Contact

This panel is contributing further to the recent trend of exploring the ‘economic’ in STS. Complementing the great literature existing on high-finance, here the discussions are going to revolve around topics sometimes even economics or economic-minded social sciences leave without notice, namely how (economic) value is recognized, measured or perceived; what role money and other valuing devices – being particular kinds of method assemblages – play in enacting the economy; how credit and debt is recorded, remembered and managed; and how (dis)abilities and power is played out, made possible, conceived or revealed. We are waiting submissions from any related disciplines in so far the topics talk to the panel, but would be happy to see contaminations of STS, material semiotics, economic anthropology, economic sociology, and, of course, economics (both mainstream and heterodox). We are especially interested in ways money, or other types of currencies and valuation frameworks perform value and the economy; in numbers, the works of numberings, accounting and calculation practices; in economic measures, statistics, and governmentalities; in non-modernist systems of exchange, transactions, and conversions; in economics and other ritual-systems; and in modes of sensing and feeling the economy. Especially encouraged are case studies or even actual experiments where the economic is tried to be reimagined or remade, or cases where STS and anthropological insights are put into conversation with both the theory and the practice of economics.

For students the 4S offers travel grants, you can find more info about that at

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