Mirowski y sus lecturas sobre neo-liberalismo

Dos muy recomendables posts de nuestro entrevistado de junio, Philip Mirowski, sobre el neoliberalismo. El primero reseña críticamente algunos libros recientes sobre el tema (Public Books) y el segundo resume, en 13 mandamientos, los postulados de su último libro (The Utopian). De muestra, la siguiente cita:

“With regard to the crisis, one wing of neoliberals has appealed to natural science concepts of “complexity” to suggest that markets transcend the very possibility of management of systemic risk.However, the presumed relationship of the market to nature tends to be substantially different under neoliberalism than under standard neoclassical theory. In brief, neoclassical theory has a far more static conception of market ontology than do the neoliberals. In neoclassical economics, many theoretical accounts portray the market as somehow susceptible to “incompleteness” or “failure,” generally due to unexplained natural attributes of the commodities traded: these are retailed under the rubric of “externalities,” “incomplete markets,” or other “failures.” Neoliberals conventionally reject all such recourse to defects or glitches, in favor of a narrative where evolution and/or “spontaneous order” brings the market to ever more complex states of self-realization, which may escape the ken of mere humans. This explains why neoliberals have rejected out of hand all neoclassical “market failure” explanations of the crisis” Mirowski en: http://www.the-utopian.org/post/53360513384/the-thirteen-commandments-of-neoliberalism

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