Cfp_Money Advances: International Developments (ASA 2014)

Viviana Zelizer nos hace llegar la invitación a enviar abstracts para la sesión que ella organiza junto a Frederick Wherry para la próxima conferencia de ASA (American Sociological Association) en San Francisco:

Money Advances: International Developments. In the past two decades, sociologists have energized the study of money. This session is aimed to showcase recent theoretical and empirical advances in our understandings of household monies, corporate finance, informal transactions, monetary crises, and more. We welcome imaginative cultural, relational, and political treatments at different levels of analysis, and submissions by both US and non-US based scholars to foster international dialogue and cooperation. Session Organizers: Viviana Zelizer, Princeton University and Frederick Wherry, Yale University.

This file displays the listing of topics that will be open to submissions from December 6, 2013 to January 8, 2014, 3pm EST. The file should only be used as a printable reference; all policies and procedures related to the Call for Papers may be accessed at the Call for Paper website: (”

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