Virtual attractors

Nueva publicación de Ignacio Farías en European Journal of Social Theory sugiriendo vías de retroalimentación entre la ANT y la teoría de sistemas de Luhmann. El artículo se llama: “Virtual attractors, actual assemblages. How Luhmann’s theory of communication complements actor-network theory”. Y acá va el abstract:

This article proposes complementing actor-network theory (ANT) with Niklas Luhmann’s communication theory, in order to overcome one of ANT’s major shortcomings, namely, the lack of a conceptual repertoire to describe virtual processes such as sense-making. A highly problematic consequence of ANT’s actualism is that it cannot explain the differentiation of economic, legal, scientific, touristic, religious, medical, artistic, political and other qualities of actual entities, assemblages and relationships. By recasting Luhmann’s theory of functionally differentiated communication forms and sense-making as dealing with different types of virtual attractors calling for actualizations in concrete assemblages, I propose a symmetrical understanding of societal differentiation processes as based on the co-production of virtual attractors and actual assemblages.


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