Fourth Annual Cultural Political Economy Workshop

The Fourth Cultural Political Economy Workshop, Cultural Political Economy Research Centre (CPERC), Lancaster University. Theme: Cultural Political Economy of Finance, Debt and Crisis. Date: 22 May 2014 (Thursday), Place: Charles Carter A18, Lancaster University. Details below.

Time: 9:30-5:00

9:30-9:35              Welcome

Co-directors of CPERC: Bob Jessop and Ngai-Ling Sum (Sociology and PPR, Lancaster)

9:35-10:30           Panel 1: Moral and Cultural Economy of Finance and Environment

Chair: Bob Jessop (Sociology, Lancaster)

Andrew Sayer (Sociology, Lancaster) ‘Debtors and Rentiers: Neoliberalism and the Return of the Rich’

Robbie Watt (Leverhulme Centre for the Study of Value, Manchester), ‘Moral Economy of Carbon Offsetting’

10:30-10:45         Tea and Coffee

10:45-12:40         Panel 2: Presentation and Discussion on a Research Theme: Political Economy and Risk

Chair and Discussant: Andrew Sayer (Sociology, Lancaster)

Dean Curran (Sociology, Lancaster) ‘Towards a Political Economy of Risk’

12:40-1:40           Lunch

1:40-2:35              Panel 3: Cultural Political Economy of Crisis

Chair: Antony Hesketh (Management School, Lancaster)

Bob Jessop (Sociology, Lancaster) ‘Hard Cash, Easy Credit, and Fictitious Capital: Aspects of the Recent and Continuing Crisis’

Ngai-Ling Sum (PPR, Lancaster)’ Financial Crisis and China as a ‘Hope’ Object: Stimulus Packages, Land and Debt’

2:35-3:30              Panel 4: Everyday Finance, Saving and Debt

Chair: Jamie Doucette (Geography, Manchester)

Adam Fish and John Mcknight (Sociology, Lancaster), ‘Reconfiguring “Peer-to-Peer” Finance: From Technological Play to “Sensible” Saving’

Freya Johnson (PPR, Lancaster) “‘We need to pay off our debts”: Understanding the rise of the debt-based economy’

3:30-3:45              Tea and Coffee

3:45-4:40              Panel 5: Financialization and Economic Democracy in South Korea

Chair: Ngai-Ling Sum (PPR, Lancaster)

Choi Jin-Hee (Sociology, Lancaster) ‘The “Homo-Hundred” Discourses: the Financialization of South Korea and the Neoliberal Biopolitics’

Jamie Doucette (Geography, Manchester) ‘The South Korean Liberal-Left’s Chaebol Problem: Lessons from Cultural Political Economy’

4:40-5:00              Panel 6: Overall discussion and Planning for the Future

Chairs: Bob Jessop and Ngai-Ling Sum

All are welcome and please register with Ngai-Ling Sum at


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