V. Montecinos y la historia de la economía en AL

La muy influyente experta en los economistas en América Latina, Verónica Montecinos (acá su conversación con Estudios de la Economía en 2011) nos envía el borrador de un artículo que será de interés para los lectores de este blog. El artículo se llama: ‘Spanish-Speaking South America: Politicised Economic Thought’, la version final fue publicada ‘Routledge Handbook of the History of Global Economic Thought’, editado por Vincent Barnett, y comienza así:

“No comprehensive history of economic thought in Latin America exists, despite its long-term, weighty sway over the region’s domestic and international affairs. This chapter focuses on Spanish-speaking South America as a region whose economic and geopolitical history is distinct from that of Mexico and Central America and dissimilar from that of Brazil. References to the larger Latin American region, however, are unavoidable. Latin American professional economists, as well as their predecessors since colonial times, have often spoken with an idiosyncratic and somewhat contentious voice, being at once, integral and peripheral to evolving notions of the modernizing West. Thinkers from the region have never been too isolated from their counterparts in Europe and the United States but never fully absorbed by external influences either.”(V. Montecinos.pdf).

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