The Discreet Charm of Neoliberalism

Latin American Perspectives publicó el artículo postumo de Gastón Beltrán: ‘The Discreet Charm of Neoliberalism. The Paradox of Argentine Business Support of Market Reforms’. El resumen dice:

The market reforms implemented in Argentina in the early 1990s by President Carlos Saúl Menem, including privatization, market liberalization, and convertibility, were welcomed by business at the time, but it soon became apparent that they limited businessmen’s economic and political power. Strikingly, despite these unexpected effects most sectors of the business community strongly supported the economic model for almost a decade. The apparent paradox of their continuing to support a model that was causing them a great deal of harm becomes less so when it is understood that their action was a result not of a rational assessment of costs and benefits but of complex processes taking place in organizational and political contexts. Their behavior is explainable in terms of the fragmentation of the business field, business’s interpretative framework, and changes in the system of interest representation.

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