Cash remains king in Chile but…

[Bernardo Batiz-Lazo y Juan Felipe Espinosa discuten en The Conversation sobre la reciente crisis de cajeros automáticos y sus consecuencias sobre la prominencia de los pagos en efectivos en Chile. El artículo comienza así…]

“Cash remains king in Chile but its days could be numbered

For more than a year now, Chileans have endured a crisis of cash access. Despite global moves toward new forms of payment such as contactless and mobile transfers, the crisis in Chile highlights the continuing importance of ATMs in today’s payment ecosystem for many people worldwide – particularly those with lower incomes.

Cash is used by the majority of Chileans to pay for most things – from everyday necessities like food, drink and transport to monthly rent and the odd weekend treat for the family. So a lack of cash prevents Chileans at the base of the economic pyramid in particular to go on with their daily lives. Borrowing money through someone else’s credit card is also a common practice, where the money loaned on credit is repaid in cash.”

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