Trajetórias das desigualdades

[El nuevo contribuidor de Estudios de la Economía, Charles Kirschbaum, cuenta de una nueva publicación colectiva, titulada Trajetórias das desigualdades, en la que él participó]

New book chapter of Charles Kirschbaum and Naercio Menezes (Insper, Brazil) depicts how inequality evolved within the last fifty years in Brazil vis-a-vis educational attainment. The chapter, included in the book “Trajectories of inequality” organized by Marta Arretche (USP, Brazil), brings together economists, sociologists, political scientists and anthropologists who produced studies on political participation, education, urban policies, health policies, migration, gender studies, race studies, religious transitions, and economic development in Brazil. A couple of highlights: the book attempted to provide an unified picture of Brazil along the last fifty-years, while identifying ‘what really changed’. Second, all chapters’ analyses were based on the same public data and followed the same methodology of inequality measurement. For that purpose, Marta Arretche constituted a ‘quant team’ to support authors in all matters related to data collection, data treatment and modeling. As a consequence, the chapters ‘dialogue’ to each other. Furthermore, the authors met in several seminars in order to explore connections between themes, before preparing the final manuscript. For instance, gender, race and education related chapters compared their insights in order to identify specific forms of inequality patters in Brazil. This publication aims to be a reference for future studies on inequality in Brazil.,trajetorias-das-desigualdades

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