PhD scholarship in Organizational Analysis

Copenhagen Business School, Department of Organization invites applications for a vacant PhD scholarship focusing upon organizational analysis. In announcing a PhD scholarship in organizational analysis, the department wishes to strengthen interdisciplinary research in organization theory and organization studies. Examples of research areas within the theme of organizational analysis are:

  • Management and coordination of distributed tasks and forms of expertise
  • Balancing of social, technical and ethical concerns in organizations
  • The role of time and space in organizations
  • Consequences of new technologies or managerial principles in organizations
  • The role of theory and method in organizational analysis

Research at the Department of Organization focuses upon the organizing of practices, agency and institutions from an interdisciplinary social-scientific perspective. Our research is driven by an interest in organizing processes and their outcome, both in formal organizations and in the organization of technologies, markets, social identities and fields. Our perspective is interdisciplinary and combines social-scientific traditions such as sociology, psychology, anthropology and political science in the analysis of organizing. Methodologically, our research is predominantly qualitative and often involves case study and field work.

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