Post Doctoral research position at the Center for the Study of Business Markets

The Centre for the Study of Business Markets (CSBM) is pleased to announce a 2-year, 75% position linked to the research project “Market values? Valuation and price formation in markets for in-patient pharmaceutical treatments”. The project is funded by the Bank of Sweden Tercentennial Fund and jointly run by Professor Hans Kjellberg, Department of Marketing and Strategy, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and Associate Professor Ebba Sjögren, Department of Accounting, SSE.

Project summary

Established market theories assume that the price of a good reflects its value. The purpose of this project is to question this assumption by empirically examining the link between valuation and price formation processes in markets for in-patient pharmaceutical-based treatments in four countries (Sweden, New Zealand, Germany and the UK). Specifically, the study focuses on markets for oncological products. These markets are interesting to study since they reflect the challenges facing many welfare states when medical opportunities to treat develop faster than financial and organizational resources. As a result, various actors are presently engaged in attempts to change how prices are formed in these markets, what values they reflect, and how products are assessed. In order to analyse how valuation and price formation is interlinked in the organizing of these markets, the project employs a constructivist perspective that views markets as pliable outcomes of on-going practice. This directs attention to the concrete efforts of governmental, commercial, professional and patient organizations to shape how, where and when products are priced and evaluated. Investigating this requires detailed empirical studies, while differences across national markets motivate comparisons. Thus, the project is designed as a comparative multi-case study, with case markets selected on the basis of their absolute market size and their relative centralization of decision-making concerning pharmaceutical funding and use. (The complete project application is available on request.)

Work description

The position involves collection and analysis of empirical material for the aforementioned project. This includes: i) negotiating access to relevant organizations, ii) conducting on-site observations, interviews as well as archival research, iii) transcribing notes and recordings, and iv) systematically structuring data. It also involves writing project reports and preparing manuscripts for publication. Finally, the position involves interacting with relevant stakeholders, also outside of academia. This will include presentation of preliminary research results and participation in roundtable discussions. All of these activities will be undertaken in collaboration with the other project participants.

The successful applicant will be part of a small but growing research group within CSBM. Thus, a further expectation is that s/he will actively take part in centre activities, including research seminars, supervision of PhD students and developing external grant applications. Research applications can be made in collaboration with other researchers at SIR, or with colleagues at other universities. To the extent that the post doc researcher is successful in the endeavour of securing additional financing, the position may be extended in time.


The successful applicant must demonstrate documented scientific proficiencies relevant to the project, notably including relevant international academic publication. The applicant may have a background in academic disciplines outside of business administration, such as anthropology, economic history, economic sociology, science and technology studies or political science.

Documented skills in qualitative research methods are necessary, as is proficiency in the use of theories with particular relevance for the project, such as theories of valuation, pricing, and market organizing. Further, the applicant is expected to be well acquainted with contemporary themes within constructivist market studies, including performativity, multiplicity, agencing processes and market(ing) practices. Documented familiarity with and experience from research in the health care sector, or other sectors exhibiting similar complexities, is meriting for the position. Proficiency in German is also meriting.

Formal requirements

The successful applicant must have completed her/his PhD before taking up the position. The position requires a physical presence at CSBM and the ability to undertake necessary travel for, notably, data collection and research dissemination. Only candidates holding a valid work permit in Sweden (Swedish citizens, EU/EEA citizens and Swedish permanent residents) will be considered for the position.

Duration of appointment

The position is for 75% during a maximum of 24 months. We encourage the successful applicant to complement the project position with additional funding from other sources such as teaching or other research projects. Should the post doc researcher receive additional external research funding that extends in time beyond her/his work in the present project, the post doc position may be extended.

Start of appointment

The research project to which the position is linked starts on January 1st 2017. The exact employment starting date is negotiable, but should be no later than May 1st 2017.


The salary will be set in negotiation with the successful applicant, and reflect local salary levels and the successful applicant’s level of research experience.

Application procedure

A fully documented application including a detailed CV, a list of relevant publications, a list of three reference persons and copies of relevant educational diplomas, should be sent via e-mail to , no later than June 30th 2016.

Contact persons

Hans Kjellberg

Professor and joint project manager, Head of Centre for the Study of Business Markets

Department of Marketing and Strategy

Stockholm School of Economics

+46 8 736 9523 (office)

Ebba Sjögren

Associate Professor and joint project manager

Department of Accounting

Stockholm School of Economics

+46 8 736 9309 (office)

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