European Economic Sociology Newsletter: Markets, market dynamics and market creation in Latin America

EconSoc_20_2Acaba de aparecer el segundo número de European Economic Sociology Newsletter editado por Felipe Gonzáles y Aldo Madariaga (ver acá nota sobre el primer número). El tema son los mercados y la lista de autores incluye no pocos amigos de este blog. ¡Felicitaciones a los editores por el trabajo!

  • “Note from the Editors: Markets, market dynamics and market creation in Latin America”, by Aldo Madariaga and Felipe González
  • “The taming of prices. Framing and fighting inflation in the second half of the twentieth century in Argentina”, by Mariana Heredia and Claudia Daniel
  • “Cultures in the market: cultures for sale? Some words of hope and caution illustrated by Amazonian cases”, by André Vereta-Nahoum
  • “Competition on paper: artifacts of visualization in antitrust policy”, by Gustavo Onto
  • “Notes on market design and economic sociology”, by José Ossandon
  • Book Reviews
  • PhD Projects

Número completo acá

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