Cfp_Entrepreneurship and Its Challenges to Sociology ISA Forum of Sociology

[Lúcia Müller avisa del siguiente llamado. Se trata de la sesión “Entrepreneurship and Its Challenges to Sociology: Accounting for Failure, Achieving Success” que ella co-organiza en el contexto del ISA Forum of Sociology a llevarse a cabo en Porto Alegre en julio 2020]

Entrepreneurship and Its Challenges to Sociology: Accounting for Failure, Achieving Success

RC02 Economy and Society (host committee)

Language: Spanish, English and French

Session Type: Oral

Studies of entrepreneurs inform us of their challenges in launching, achieving success and even their revival from failure. Comparisons among Latin American countries find that entrepreneurs work the market, playing one lender off against another to obtain optimal loans with few encumbrances. Research in poorer communities (favelas) in Brazil indicates that while entrepreneurs receive support from government and NGOs such as foreign and religious organizations and political parties, alliances also occur with informal investors and non-law groups such as gangs. Yet at the end of the day if entrepreneurs are not successful, if they tumble do they resurrect? Does entrepreneurial spirit endure? A recent study finds that it does. Via the Internet a researcher learned how entrepreneurs accounted for their failure and what they did to restore their initiative. Information technology, by sourcing the internet, offers new methods to study entrepreneurship and to what extent it contributes to the wealth and welfare of nations.

Session Organizers:

Lúcia MÜLLER, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul – PUCRS, Brazil,

Harry M. MAKLER, University of Torontro, Canada,

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