Camapaña biblioteca Francisca Keller

[Últimdías de campaña para recolectar apoyo para financiar la nueva biblioteca para el Programa de Antropologia Social, del Museu Nacional, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Toda la información acá:]

Planting dreams: Harvesting books, knowledge, and diversity!  Let’s reopen the Francisca Keller Anthropology Library in the Botanical Garden together!

The fire at the National Museum destroyed the largest anthropology and human sciences bibliographical collection in South America. In addition to books, the fire destroyed a space of critical, plural and diverse intellectual coexistence: the Francisca Keller Library. Now, less than a year after the fire, we are ready to inaugurate a new library, the result of donations of thousands of books from Brazil and abroad. We have already received some 10,500 volumes and another 8,000 are on the way. We expect to reach the mark of 40 thousand books over the next three years.It’s time to put these books on the shelves and make them available to the public. Free books, to be consulted, borrowed and read. To get the books out of the boxes, to make them alive again, we need your financial support to reform the space in which the new library will be inaugurated.

With your support, it will be possible to plant the seeds of a new FKL, which will grow more ample, rich, inspiring, being integrated into the green landscape of the Botanical Garden at the Quinta da Boa Vista. This will be a library surrounded by nature, where seeds will sprout ideas, where people will germinate dialogues, where birds are heard, leaves breather, and books read and reviewed.  A cozy library, full of knowledge in a landscape composed of diverse beings. We invite you to participate in the collective financing campaign to rebuild the facilities and recover the collection of the Francisca Keller Library (FKL) of the Social Anthropology Program, the National Museum, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

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