Organization 2666

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[Si la pregunta que siempre te hiciste es, ¿qué saldrá si uno combina Roberto Bolaño y los estudios de las organizaciones? Acá está la respuesta. Acaba de salir Organization 2666. Literary Troubling, Undoing and Refusal editado por Christian De Cock, Damian O’Doherty, Christian Huber y Sine N. Just. Abajo va la tabla de contenido. Si a alguien le interesaría algún capítulo, contacte vía email]

  1. As if One Could Provide an Introduction to Organization 2666. Damian O’Doherty, Sine N. Just, Christian Huber, Christian De Cock
  2. Bolaño Versus Business Strategy. Robin Holt
  3. Reading as Theorizing. A Conjecture Based on the Savage Detectives’ Mode of Inquiry. José Ossandón
  4. The Key to Our Century and the Mystery at Port-Vendres. Fabian Muniesa
  5. The Absent Witness: Bolaño’s 2666 as a Case of Fictional Accountability. Christian Huber
  6. Living, Reading, and Dying in the Didactic Void: Roberto Bolaño’s 2666 and Organized Literature. Mrinalini Greedharry
  7. Encounters with the Undead: Reading the Other(S) in Bolaño’s 2666. rashné limki
  8. Machismo as a Mode of Organizing. Gibson Burrell
  9. Bolaño’s Black Smoke: The Revelation of Horror in Organization. Christian De Cock, Rasmus Johnsen, Thomas Burø

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