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Symposium Money Talks at Yale

“Money Talks at Yale,” a symposium focusing on the power of money in society and social influences on its formation and use, will feature an international group of scholars and experts on the topic who will gather on campus on Friday, Sept. 12. The symposium challenges the idea that money has an undue influence in politics, or that money has the power to push people to do things they might not do otherwise. The speakers will examine the concept that money transforms as much as it troubles, and that social actors still have a say. The Yale symposium will also recognize the 20th anniversary of the publication “The Social Meaning of Money,” the renowned book by Princeton sociology professor Viviana Zelizer, and will focus on the important social policy and disciplinary advances her work continues to inspire.

The event will begin at 9 a.m. in the Class of 1980 Rm. 2400 at the Yale School of Management, Evans Hall, 165 Whitney Ave. Continue reading