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5th Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop

Mañana comienza el “5th Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop” en Copenhagen Además de otr@s ilustres participantes, el evento contará con algunos de los contribudores de este blog. El link va al programa con las actividades y paneles (5th IMSW Full Programme_Final2 (pdf).

Cfp_5th Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop, Copenhagen Business School, June 6 – 8, 2018

Call for Papers: Market Situations – Situated Markets. 5th Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop, Copenhagen Business School, June 6 – 8, 2018. Keynote speakers: Jens Beckert (Professor of Sociology and Director at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne) & Eve Chiapello (Professor of Sociology at the Centre d’Étude des Mouvements Sociaux at EHESS Paris). We invite contributors to submit an extended abstract of 2-3 pages (incl. references) to markets2018.mpp@cbs.dk. Proposals should indicate topic, theoretical positioning, methodology and outline findings, if appropriate. The deadline for submissions is Monday, January 29, 2018. Inquiries about the workshop can be made to any of the workshop organisers. We will notify contributors about acceptance by early March, and full papers will be due early May.

The Theme

The 5th Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop will take place in Copenhagen, a city which derives its name from the harbour and the associated place of commerce that existed there from the 11th century. Købmannahavn translates as ‘chapman’s haven’ and ‘merchants’ harbour’ (portus mercatorum), and as such the city is a living example of how markets and cityscapes have always tended to co-create each other. Copenhagen’s history reveals another insight. Recent critics of the neoliberal city have argued that the privatization of public spaces and the redefinition of the built environment as the object of speculation have led to a privileging of the needs of wealthy investors, for whom shopping malls and luxury hotels matter more than affordable housing and places of recreation (Sassen, 2014). From that perspective, Copenhagen seems to have been a city of speculators, projectors and investors long before we started to speak of neoliberalism: a metropolis thriving on risk, expansion, and even appropriation, of geography and temporality. Continue reading

PhD scholarship in Organizational Analysis

Copenhagen Business School, Department of Organization invites applications for a vacant PhD scholarship focusing upon organizational analysis. In announcing a PhD scholarship in organizational analysis, the department wishes to strengthen interdisciplinary research in organization theory and organization studies. Examples of research areas within the theme of organizational analysis are:

  • Management and coordination of distributed tasks and forms of expertise
  • Balancing of social, technical and ethical concerns in organizations
  • The role of time and space in organizations
  • Consequences of new technologies or managerial principles in organizations
  • The role of theory and method in organizational analysis

Research at the Department of Organization focuses upon the organizing of practices, agency and institutions from an interdisciplinary social-scientific perspective. Our research is driven by an interest in organizing processes and their outcome, both in formal organizations and in the organization of technologies, markets, social identities and fields. Our perspective is interdisciplinary and combines social-scientific traditions such as sociology, psychology, anthropology and political science in the analysis of organizing. Methodologically, our research is predominantly qualitative and often involves case study and field work. Continue reading