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A Sociology of finance after the Social Studies of Finance?

[El último número de la revista Sociológica (acá) incluye un simposio sobre el libro Taking the Floor de Daniel Beunza. Contribuyen Donald MacKenzie, Katherine K. Chen, José Ossandón y el mismísimo Daniel Beunza. El número incluye además un debate sobre el proceso de revisión académica con muy ilustres autores y autoras y una entrevista que le hizo Daniel Hirschman a Margaret Somers]

A Phinance Online Seminar: ‘Taking the floor’ by D. Beunza

A Phinance Online Seminar: ‘Taking the floor’ by D. Beunza. 17:00 CET, 13 October 2021. Open to the public.

Modeling and governing finance are not two separate things. This is one of the main lessons that sociology and the nascent philosophy of finance have taught us. The powerful interrelation between the models, the behavior, and the organization of financial markets is the focus of Daniel Beunza’s book ‘Taking the Floor: Models, Morals, and Management in a Wall Street Trading Room’ (Princeton University Press). Beunza explores how the extensive use of financial modeling and trading technologies over the last few decades has changed and influenced ‘Wall Street’. In his book, he examines how models have reshaped financial markets and changed moral behavior in organizations, creating both opportunities and dangers. To do this, he takes us to the pulsating center of the financial markets—the floor of a trading firm. This meeting of the Phinance Online Seminars will discuss Daniel’s book with contributions from Donald MacKenzie (Edinburgh), Katherine K. Chen (CUNY), José Ossandón (Copenhagen Business School), Michael Barzelay (LSE), and Daniel himself, which will be followed by an open debate.

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