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Book Review: Workers Go Shopping in Argentina

Based on novel historiographical research, Natalia Milanesio’s book: Workers Go Shopping in Argentina: The Rise of Popular Consumer Culture (Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Press, 2013) illuminates the transformative experience of mass consumption during the Perón years in Argentina. Although unionisation, minimum wage requirements and work regulations increased the purchasing power of the working classes during the 1950s, Milanesio argues that advertisers, the press and state officials also helped turn workers into consumers by imagining and debating their integration into market society in certain ways. According to Milanesio’s finegrained account, mass-market participation during this period altered both private and public life, challenging gender relations within households as well as class distinctions in the public sphere. But Milanesio’s capacious argument goes further. She sees the rise of popular consumer culture as nothing less than cause and consequence of the structural transformations of mid-twentieth century Argentina. Working-class consumers became modernising agents of social change, helping to shape a new commercial ethos, transform social relations and collective identities, as well as redefining the role of the state as a mediator between business and clients.

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Cfp_communities and commodities anthropological perspectives on the material bases of social groups

From Materialworldblog:

Communities and Commodities: Anthropological Perspectives on the Material Bases of Social Groups. CALL FOR PAPERS: American Anthropological Association annual meeting, Washington, DC, December 3-7, 2014. The deadline for submitting abstracts to the AAA is April 15 (both for sessions and individual papers). Once we have gauged the level of interest and range of topics, we will contact potential participants to let them know if their paper fits. Participants should be prepared to provide a rough draft of an abstract to us by April 8th so we can organize the session (or sessions, depending on the response) and provide instructions for submitting abstracts to the AAA. Continue reading

Primer video de Transactions con Keith Hart

Link al primer video en la serie sobre la cultura material de los pagos en Transactions. A Payment Archive. Keith Hart discute a partir de un collar de conchas de la colección del IMTFI de la Universidad de California Irvine como la antropología económica desde Mauss ha ayudado a comprender el dinero. Continue reading

Unpacking insight: How consumers are qualified by advertising agencies

El Journal of Consumer Culture acaba de publicar como online first el artículo del contribuidor de este blog Tomás Ariztía “Unpacking insight: How consumers are qualified by advertising agencies” disponible Continue reading