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Mini-conference report: Domesticizing Financial Economies, SASE, Chicago

[Mariana Luzzi, Jeanne Lazarus y José Ossandón reflexionan sobre la mini-conferencia que organizaron en la última convención de SASE en Chicago. El eventó contó además con la participación de los colaboradores de EdlE, Magdalena Villarreal y Felipe González. La nota es en inglés pero, como siempre, comentarios en español y portugués son muy bienvenidos. Como parte de nuestra colaboración inter-redes publicamos este post conjuntamente con Charisma-Network]

We had the pleasure of co-organizing the mini-conference ‘Domesticizing Financial Economies: Knitting Fibers of Transaction, Algorithm, and Exchange’ which was part of the annual convention of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics held in Chicago last July. We use this post to process some of the many elements discussed during the five sessions of the event. We will not attempt to summarize all the presentations (click here to see the full program), but we will focus instead on two more general issues taken from the papers and discussions that we believe extend the scope of the already rich existing research on social studies of credit and everyday money management.

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Fourth Annual Cultural Political Economy Workshop

The Fourth Cultural Political Economy Workshop, Cultural Political Economy Research Centre (CPERC), Lancaster University. Theme: Cultural Political Economy of Finance, Debt and Crisis. Date: 22 May 2014 (Thursday), Place: Charles Carter A18, Lancaster University. Details below. Continue reading

Sociologist defends bureaucracy from the business school. An interview with Paul du Gay

I met Paul du Gay one February morning in his office in Kilen, an amazing building of the Copenhagen Business School where the Department of Organization is located. In this podcast, du Gay revisits the different moments of his career so far. As his En elogio de la burocracia has recently been published in Spanish, the conversation takes off there, with stop overs in retailers and Consumption and Identity at work, and the puzzling notion of “cultural economy”, in order to finally land in Du Gay’s own experience as sociologist working in business schools and his current research on “what makes an organization” with Signe Vikkelsø. Many thanks to Antonio Stecher and Vicente Sisto – our critical management, identity and work experts at Estudios de la Economia– for discussing and suggesting questions for this interview. Continue reading