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PhD in the sociology of organizations with a focus on digitalization in the public sector – CBS

PhD in the sociology of organizations with a focus on digitalization in the public sector

Copenhagen Business School, Department of Organization invites applications for a vacant PhD scholarship within the field of organization studies, with a particular focus on digitalization in the public sector. The scholarship is part of the collaborative research project “Valuing invisible work: Efficiency and digitalization projects in practice” funded by DFF. The project has a special focus on the relations between work practices and digital technologies in two specific public sector organizations, and the aim is to investigate and theorize the ‘invisible work’ involved in digitalization projects. We are particularly interested in candidates with a background in sociology, anthropology, sociology of science and technology (STS), or organization studies. The scholarship requires the conduct of empirical fieldwork in two Danish organizations, so the candidate must be able to understand and communicate in Danish/Scandinavian.

Department of Organization (IOA) pursues a problem-oriented, business in society approach to understanding and intervening in organizations and institutions. Our research is driven by an interest in organization as a practical, situated, contested and changing matter. Our approach is interdisciplinary and combines social-scientific traditions such as organization theory, sociology, science and technology studies, political economy, and social psychology in the analysis of organizing processes and their outcomes. Methodologically, we value qualitative research methods highly and often adopt case study, field work methodology or social network analysis.

The teaching responsibilities associated with the scholarship comprise undergraduate teaching and supervision in subjects such as organization theory, organizational analysis and qualitative methodology. Continue reading