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Fridman on morals and price gouging

[Daniel Fridman publicó una columna de opinión en el periódico Dallas News. La columna debate la idea de que subir los precios luego de una catástrofe es moralmente disputable pero económicamente racional. La nota comienza así:]

“Price gouging has its defenders, but they ignore morality

In addition to wind, rain and destruction, hurricane season also brings a practice that is almost universally repudiated: price gouging. Price gouging during emergency situations is against the law in several states, including Texas and Florida, where Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit the hardest. But several economists and political pundits have spoken in favor of price gouging. They claim that we should not mess with prices, whose job is to get goods to those who want them the most. If prices go up, buyers will think twice before purchasing something they may not need, while suppliers will be incentivized to go the extra mile and provide needed goods in order to make more money. If you take that extra gain away, you will have fewer goods and in the wrong hands.” Continue reading