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Cfp_EGOS Sub-theme 33: In the Eye of the Beholder: The Beauty and Necessity of Market Imperfections

[Quizás alguien por ahí se anime. Sub-Theme 33, EGOS, 2021. Fechas y todo eso, acá: https://www.egos.org/2022_Vienna/SUB-THEMES_Call_for_Short-Papers ]

Sub-theme 33: In the Eye of the Beholder: The Beauty and Necessity of Market Imperfections

Convenors: Philip Roscoe, University of St Andrews, Susi Geiger, University College Dublin, José Ossandón, Copenhagen Business School

Call for Papers

The EGOS Colloquium 2022 call invites reflection on the beauty of imperfection and the possibilities it invokes. This sub-theme takes up that challenge as it works towards an account of imperfections in markets. Of course, we do not expect our track participants to simply repeat what economists have already said about market failures, imperfect competition, externalities and so on. Our call is to make market perfection and imperfection a problem to study organizationally.

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Research Scientist- Project MISFIRES & Market Innovation Dublin

[Aviso de Susi Geiger de posible interés]

Please allow me to share a job opportunity with you. We are currently recruiting a research scientist (2+ years of postdoctoral experience) for a three-year contract as part of my ERC project “MISFIRES & Market Innovation” at UCD Dublin. I would be extremely grateful if you could point this opportunity out to any postdocs or other colleagues who may be interested. Deadline for applications is Sept 20th. I will be at 4S next week if any of them would like to talk to me about this position. More information can be found here: https://misfires.ucd.ie/recruitment/