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Cfp_Exit, Voice and Loyalty:  Alternative Economic Models and Responses to Decline in Contemporary Society. Warsaw, 21-22 May 2018.

Call for papers: Exit, Voice and Loyalty:  Alternative Economic Models and Responses to Decline in Contemporary Society. Warsaw, 21-22 May 2018. Guest speakers: Barbara Czarniawska (University of Gothenburg) & José Ossandón (Copenhagen Business School). The deadline for submission of abstracts is 10 December 2017.

Albert O. Hirschman’s treatise on responses to decline in various contexts and domains, Exit, Voice, and Loyalty (1970), has been almost instantly welcomed as his most sociologically relevant contribution. This work opened a sociological box that can be researched without exhaustion.

The issue whether the social actors will go for exit, for voice or for loyalty when faced with downturn or decline in a particular context, or how their choices will impact on the attractiveness of other available options always leaves room for surprises and scientific discoveries. Thus, exit-voice-and-loyalty is in fact a sociological riddle, and as all good sociological riddles (such as the seminal strength of weak ties) it does not wear out. On the contrary, its value increases in time. The sociologist cannot just simply solve the problem for the last time, neither can she/he leave the problem unanswered. New empirical material related to crises, revolutions, risk, failures, downturns – in other words, social change – puts the puzzle in a completely new picture and indicates new solutions for resolving it. Hirschman himself, subsequent to the exit-voice dynamics of the 1989 upheaval in East Germany was compelled to reformulate his original thesis that exit deactivates voice and to record the scenario when private exit stimulates public voice eventually. Continue reading

¿Y qué era lo económico de la sociología económica? Notas sobre las sociologías económicas y la teoría de sistemas.

A principios de septiembre la revista MAD-Universidad de Chile publicó un número dedicado en parte a Luhmann y la economía. En este post quisiera compartir un par de reflexiones nacidas de dichas lecturas y socializar también algunas perspectivas que tienen menos circulación en las conversaciones de este blog. Continue reading