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The Radicalisation of Care: Practices, Politics and Infrastructures

The Radicalisation of Care: Practices, Politics and Infrastructures. November 19 & 20 2014. Open University of Catalonia, Barcelona. Organising team: Daniel López Gómez, Israel Rodríguez-Giralt & Tomás Sánchez Criado. http://radicare.net/

The concept of radicalisation is usually associated to a process by which groups or individuals come to adopt increasingly extreme or immoderate positions, ideals or aspirations. But it also speaks of the attempts at introducing fundamental or far-reaching changes in a certain area or field. Drawing on this second meaning, in this workshop we aim to explore a series of trends that lead us to think that we might be facing a process of radicalisation of care. Continue reading

Limn_Issue Number Four: Food Infrastructures

Nuevo número de la muy interesante revista Limn. El número está dedicado a “Food Infrastructures” y es descrito de la siguiente forma:

“This issue of Limn analyzes food infrastructures and addresses scale in food production, provision, and consumption. We go beyond the tendency towards simple producer “push” or consumer “pull” accounts of the food system, focusing instead on the work that connects producers to consumers. By describing and analyzing food infrastructures, our contributors examine the reciprocal relationships among consumer choice, personal use, and the socio-material arrangements that enable, channel, and constrain our everyday food options.”

El número fue editado Continue reading