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Organization 2666

Organization 2666 | SpringerLink

[Si la pregunta que siempre te hiciste es, ¿qué saldrá si uno combina Roberto Bolaño y los estudios de las organizaciones? Acá está la respuesta. Acaba de salir Organization 2666. Literary Troubling, Undoing and Refusal editado por Christian De Cock, Damian O’Doherty, Christian Huber y Sine N. Just. Abajo va la tabla de contenido. Si a alguien le interesaría algún capítulo, contacte vía email]

  1. As if One Could Provide an Introduction to Organization 2666. Damian O’Doherty, Sine N. Just, Christian Huber, Christian De Cock
  2. Bolaño Versus Business Strategy. Robin Holt
  3. Reading as Theorizing. A Conjecture Based on the Savage Detectives’ Mode of Inquiry. José Ossandón
  4. The Key to Our Century and the Mystery at Port-Vendres. Fabian Muniesa
  5. The Absent Witness: Bolaño’s 2666 as a Case of Fictional Accountability. Christian Huber
  6. Living, Reading, and Dying in the Didactic Void: Roberto Bolaño’s 2666 and Organized Literature. Mrinalini Greedharry
  7. Encounters with the Undead: Reading the Other(S) in Bolaño’s 2666. rashné limki
  8. Machismo as a Mode of Organizing. Gibson Burrell
  9. Bolaño’s Black Smoke: The Revelation of Horror in Organization. Christian De Cock, Rasmus Johnsen, Thomas Burø

Seminars with Keith Tribe

Image result for the economy of the wordKeith Tribe will be visiting CBS in November where he will give two seminars jointly organized by the CBS Public-Private Platform’s cluster on Market and Valuation and the research programme ‘Office as a Vocation’.  On November 23rd, the title of the seminar will be “The history of concepts as a method to study the economy and markets”. On November 24th, the title of the seminar will be “Max Weber’s Lecture: Science as a Vocation”.

Keith Tribe

Keith Tribe has a long-standing interest in conceptual and economic history, language and translation as well as an interest in the work of Max Weber. In April 2015, he published the book The Economy of the Word: Language, History, and Economics with Oxford University Press and is currently working on a new translation of Max Weber’s Economy and Society for Harvard University Press. Keith Tribe has also played a huge role in the dissemination and translation of the work of Wilhelm Hennis and Reinhart Koselleck to English speaking academic circles.

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