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Reassembling and cutting the social with health insurance

Nueva publicación de José Ossandón en Journal of Cultural Economy: ‘Reassembling and cutting the social with health insurance’. El artículo es parte de un número especial editado por Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen & Ine Van Hoyweghen que incluye además, ‘Neoliberalism and Natural Disaster. Insurance as political technology of catastrophe’ de Stephen Collier, ‘Governmental Conditions for the Economization of Uncertainty. Fire insurance, Regulation and Insurance Actuarialism’ de Pat O’Malley & Alex Roberts, ‘Life securitisation, the event object of insurance and the strategisation of time’ de Luis Lobo-Guerrero y ‘On the politics of calculative devices. Performing life insurance markets’ de Ine Van Hoyweghen. Continue reading