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Cfp_Workshop Everyday Market Lives

[From Charisma-Network] Call for a papers for a Workshop in the Sociology Department at the University of Warwick, February 13th 2015. Everyday Market Lives. Organised by Lynne Pettinger (Sociology, Warwick) and Liz Moor (Media & Communications, Goldsmiths)*. Deadline for abstracts: 31st October  2014.

Capitalist societies routinely ask people to make judgements of value and worth, and to decide between an array of competing choices, as part of their everyday lives. Economic knowledge and expertise is thus not something that resides only with bankers, financial journalists and government accountants; it exists in a tacit form within the routines of daily life in capitalist society, and is a key part of people’s experiences at work, in consumption, in leisure, in media use, in practices of caring for children and elderly relatives, or in financial planning and household management.  Continue reading