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Multiple Markets Workshop

[André Vereta-Nahoum avisa del siguiente evento que está organizando junto a Christian Frankel en CBS. El detalle va en este pdf]


E&S special issue: Markets for collective concerns and their failures

[Luego de varios años de trabajo, finalmente acaba de salir el número especial en Economy & Society editado por Christian Frankel, José Ossandón y Trine Pallesen. El título del número es “Markets for Collective Concerns and their failures”. ‘Markets for collective concerns’ son mercados que han sido construidos como instrumentos de políticas públicas, mercados de los que se espera solucionen problemas colectivos. Los artículos estudian cómo las fallas de estos mercados, en vez de gatillar una búsqueda por otro tipo de instrumento, han permitido el surgimiento de un nuevo tipo de experto que reclama conocer cómo hacer que mercados que no funcionan funcionen. El gobierno de problemas públicos deviene evaluación, reparación y diseño de mercados. Para los interesados, free e-prints de la introducción acá y del artículo de Ossandón y Ureta acá] 

Publication Cover

The organization of markets for collective concerns and their failures

Christian Frankel, José Ossandón & Trine Pallesen

Problematizing markets: market failures and the government of collective concerns

José Ossandón & Sebastián Ureta

Making an exception: market design and the politics of re-regulation in the French electricity sector

Thomas Reverdy & Daniel Breslau

Carving out a domain for the market: boundary making in European environmental markets

Liliana Doganova & Brice Laurent

On the difficulties of addressing collective concerns through markets: from market devices to accountability devices

Daniel Neyland, Véra Ehrenstein & Sveta Milyaeva

On going the market one better: economic market design and the contradictions of building markets for public purposes

Edward Nik-Khah & Philip Mirowski

Cfp_5th Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop, Copenhagen Business School, June 6 – 8, 2018

Call for Papers: Market Situations – Situated Markets. 5th Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop, Copenhagen Business School, June 6 – 8, 2018. Keynote speakers: Jens Beckert (Professor of Sociology and Director at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne) & Eve Chiapello (Professor of Sociology at the Centre d’Étude des Mouvements Sociaux at EHESS Paris). We invite contributors to submit an extended abstract of 2-3 pages (incl. references) to markets2018.mpp@cbs.dk. Proposals should indicate topic, theoretical positioning, methodology and outline findings, if appropriate. The deadline for submissions is Monday, January 29, 2018. Inquiries about the workshop can be made to any of the workshop organisers. We will notify contributors about acceptance by early March, and full papers will be due early May.

The Theme

The 5th Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop will take place in Copenhagen, a city which derives its name from the harbour and the associated place of commerce that existed there from the 11th century. Købmannahavn translates as ‘chapman’s haven’ and ‘merchants’ harbour’ (portus mercatorum), and as such the city is a living example of how markets and cityscapes have always tended to co-create each other. Copenhagen’s history reveals another insight. Recent critics of the neoliberal city have argued that the privatization of public spaces and the redefinition of the built environment as the object of speculation have led to a privileging of the needs of wealthy investors, for whom shopping malls and luxury hotels matter more than affordable housing and places of recreation (Sassen, 2014). From that perspective, Copenhagen seems to have been a city of speculators, projectors and investors long before we started to speak of neoliberalism: a metropolis thriving on risk, expansion, and even appropriation, of geography and temporality. Continue reading

Free access to Review Symposium on the Provoked economy

[Tomamos esta noticia del sitio del Journal of Cultural Economy]

Journal of Cultural Economy is very pleased to be able to provide Free Access to a Review Symposium on Fabian Muniesa’s recent work The Provoked Economy: Economic Reality and the Performative Turn. The symposium features detailed Review Essays by Aaron Pitluck, Alberto Toscano, José Ossandón & Trine Pallesen, and a response by Muniesa.

Here follows some extracts of each, as well as links to the pieces in full. Continue reading

JCE book review symposium: The Provoked Economy

Ya está disponible online en el Journal of Cultural Economy el debate sobre el último libro de Fabian Muniesa The Provoked Economy. Economic reality and the performative turn. El debate incluye los artículos “How to embrace performativity while avoiding the rabbit hole” de Aaron Z. Pitluck, “Testing the Provoked Economy” de José Ossandón y Trine Pallesen, “Structured by cows” de Alberto Toscano y la respuesta de Muniesa “You must fall down the rabbit hole”.

Making Things Valuable

Making Things ValuableOxford University Press acaba de publicar el libro Making Things Valuable editado por Martin Kornberger, Lise Justesen, Anders Koed Madsen & Jan Mouritsen. El libro incluye capítulos de temas y autores discutidos frecuentemente en este blog. Por ejemplo, el capítulo 1 de Wendy Espeland y Stacy Lom “Noticining Numbers: how quantification changes what we see and what we don’t”; el capítulo 5 de Liliana Doganova y Fabian Muniesa “Capitalization Devices: Business Models and the renewal of markets”; el capítulo 6 de Trine Pallesen “Valuable Assemblages – Or Assembling Values”; o el capítulo 11 de Celia Lury y Noortje Marres “Notes on Objectual Valuation”. El contribuidor de este blog José Ossandón es el autor del capítulo 9 “The enactment of economic things: The objects of insurance”.


La introducción al volume está disponible en Continue reading