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Capitalization. A Cultural Guide

Image result for Capitalization A Cultural Guide[Presses des Mines acaba de publicar el nuevo libro Capitalization. A Cultural Guide de Fabian Muniesa y 10(¡!) co-autores. El equipo incluye Álvaro Piña-Stranger, que alguna vez escribió en este blog. Muniesa explicó en español los alcances de este proyecto durante su visita a Chile en 2016. Por ejemplo en esta presentación y en esta excelente entrevista en Radio Universidad de Chile]

Capitalization. A Cultural Guide

What does it mean to turn something into capital? What does considering things as assets entail? What does the prevalence of an investor’s viewpoint require? What is this culture of valuation that asks that we capitalize on everything? How can we make sense of the traits, necessities and upshots of this pervasive cultural condition?

This book takes the reader to an ethnographic stroll down the trail of capitalization. Start-up companies, research centers, consulting firms, state enterprises, investment banks, public administrations: the territory can certainly prove strange and disorienting at first sight, with its blurred boundaries between private appropriation and public interest, economic sanity and moral breakdown, the literal and the metaphorical, the practical and the ideological. The traveler certainly requires a resolutely pragmatist attitude, and a taste for the meanders of signification. But in all the sites in which we set foot in this inquiry we recognize a recurring semiotic complex: a scenario of valuation in which things signify by virtue of their capacity to become assets in the eye of an imagined investor.
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Cfp_Maintainers II: Labor, Technology, and Social Orders

[Bernardo Batiz-Lazo nos avisa del siguiente llamado]

Call for Papers: Maintainers II: Labor, Technology, and Social Orders April 6-8, 2017

We invite submissions and proposals for a conference called “The Maintainers II: Labor, Technology, and Social Orders,” to be hosted at Stevens Institute of Technology on April 6-8, 2017.  This meeting will build upon the discussions and community formed in the wake of activities in 2016, including the first Maintainers Conference at Stevens in 2016, an article that appeared in Aeon, and blogs and discussions launched at http://themaintainers.org/blog/.

Recent scholarship on technology has too often fetishized material things and their thinginess, and excluded any consideration of the humans who make those things work. The purpose of Maintainers II is to write humans back into stories of technology, as a way to highlight social inequalities, racial and ethnic disparities, and the structural maldistribution of the fruits of technological progress. To do so, we build on a long tradition of the study of maintenance that spreads across disciplines, from historians such as Ruth Schwartz Cowan and David Edgerton to social scientists such as Lucy Suchman and Craig Henke.

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