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Workshop Report: “Social Studies of the economy in Latin America-UCL”

On July 1st, 2016 the workshop ‘Social Studies of the Economy in Latin America’ took place at the Science and Technology Studies Department, University College London. The meeting convened a number of outstanding academics, including several contributors to this blog. Because the topics discussed are of central concern to this group, we are taking the opportunity to share some impressions.

The workshop aimed to discuss leading research that offers a close-up examination of economic life. In particular, it was oriented to ethnographic research that sheds light on the multiple ways in which the economy, culture and technology intersect, and in which the economy as an object is constituted and performed. Elaborating on previous research into the world of economic policy-making and expertise, the media’s role in public economic discussion, the nature of economic calculation and its material devices, and the variety of economic knowledges, the workshop focused on the social studies of the economy in Latin America. At least three common threads emerged from the discussion.


First, Mariana HerediaFederico Neiburg and Ana Gross’ papers examined disputes concerning consumer price indexes, the representations of inflation, and, more broadly, the way in which public numbers – their construction, treatment, publication, etc. – affects the economy. A second common thread between the papers was the attention paid to economic knowledge and economic practices. Continue reading

workshop: Real Economy: Ethnographic Inquiries into the Reality and the Realization of Economic Life. Rio de Janeiro June 16-18

[Hablando de excelentes Workshops…. Del 16 al 18 de Junio en Rio de Janeiro de llevará a cabo “Real Economy: Ethnographic Inquiries into the Reality and the Realization of Economic Life”. Entre otros, el programa incluye a Jane I. Guyer, Benoit de l’Estoile, Alexandre Roig, Fernando Rabossi, Keith Hart, Jeanne Lazarus, Federico Neiburg, Horacio Ortiz y Caitlin Zaloom. Además los ilustres contribuidores de Estudios de la Economía: Gustavo Onto, Mariana Luzzi, Ariel Wilkis y Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra]

A Wenner-Gren workshop: Real Economy: Ethnographic Inquiries into the Reality and the Realization of Economic Life. Rio de Janeiro June 16-18

The workshop will focus on discussing the history and current construction of the ‘real economy,’ a key category in contemporary economic thinking and practices, both in the world of experts and in ordinary life. The real economy and its opposites (the virtual or fictitious economy) have become increasingly central to interpretations of the experiences of globalization, economic crises and financial fluxes, to measurements of poverty and consumption, as well as to analyses of the nature of money or the conceptualization and implementation of monetary policies. The papers to be presented at the workshop (highly diversified in terms of ethnographic settings and institutional affiliations of their authors) will allow for a profound and innovative ethnographic and comparative comprehension of the entanglements and assemblages between native modes of conceptualizing and referring to the ‘reality’ of economy life and modes of turning diverse aspects of ‘the economy’ into an observable, quantifiable and objectified reality. Continue reading