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Conferencia COES-LSE 2016 Santiago, 2-4 de Noviembre 2016

Michèle Lamont, Ben Ross Schneider, Mike Savage y Abdou Maliq Simone entre las y los distinguidos ponentes en la conferencia Desigualdades del proyecto COES en curso estos días en la Universidad de Chile. El programa disponible acá: http://www.coes-conference.cl/programa/.


Cfp_CRESC Annual Conference. This is on: Power, Culture & Social Framing

We are delighted to announce the call for papers for the 2014 CRESC Annual Conference. This is on: Power, Culture & Social Framing. The Focus … What is social and cultural change? How are the public agendas for framing change set? What do they conceal? How do they reproduce inequalities? And how might they be contested? ‘Epochal’ theorising will not do. Structures are real, but the extent to which they reflect simple patterns is limited. Instead we need to ask well-theorised and ambitious questions about particular institutions, networks and practices and their changing intersections with power and inequalities. In the final CRESC conference we are seeking theoretically informed and empirically-grounded contributions that explore change, power and inequality, ask how these are framed, and explore how dominant framings might be contested. 19th May 2014: closing date for paper, panel and stream submissions. Continue reading