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Fully funded PhD position at CBS

Dear All, please forward this advert to anyone interested in doctoral studies at the Copenhagen Business School in economic sociology/ political economy/ sociology of professions. This is a fully funded position for three years. The funding comes from the Velux Foundation (on research) and the Copenhagen Business School (on teaching). The post is part of the new NICHE project funded by Velux on how expert networks develop to foster markets. The project is led by Len Seabrooke and Eleni Tsingou. The team also includes Kevin Young (UMass) and Jacob Hasselbalch. It will be based in the Department of Organization at the Copenhagen Business School. More information here:  https://www.cbs.dk/cbs/jobs-paa-cbs/ledige-stillinger/phd-within-the-fields-of-economic-sociology-political-economy-and-the-sociology-of-professions

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Cfp_Debt trails: Mapping relations of debt and credit from everyday actors to global credit markets

Debt trails: Mapping relations of debt and credit from everyday actors to global credit markets. A workshop with Paul Langley and Liz McFall, 3-4 March 2016, Budapest, Hungary, ELTE University.

The 2007-8 global financial crisis was interpreted by many as a challenge to mainstream economics and as an opportunity for social sciences to provide alternative explanations. This opportunity has hardly been realised, even though the crisis has given further impetus to studies looking at credit and debt outside the economics discipline. One of the reasons lays in the disciplinary variety and theoretical lenses used by social sciences, ranging from economic sociology to economic geography, political economy and social studies of finance, which arguably do not provide a uniform, let alone universal explanation as economics does.  Continue reading