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Free access to Review Symposium on the Provoked economy

[Tomamos esta noticia del sitio del Journal of Cultural Economy]

Journal of Cultural Economy is very pleased to be able to provide Free Access to a Review Symposium on Fabian Muniesa’s recent work The Provoked Economy: Economic Reality and the Performative Turn. The symposium features detailed Review Essays by Aaron Pitluck, Alberto Toscano, José Ossandón & Trine Pallesen, and a response by Muniesa.

Here follows some extracts of each, as well as links to the pieces in full. Continue reading

JCE book review symposium: The Provoked Economy

Ya está disponible online en el Journal of Cultural Economy el debate sobre el último libro de Fabian Muniesa The Provoked Economy. Economic reality and the performative turn. El debate incluye los artículos “How to embrace performativity while avoiding the rabbit hole” de Aaron Z. Pitluck, “Testing the Provoked Economy” de José Ossandón y Trine Pallesen, “Structured by cows” de Alberto Toscano y la respuesta de Muniesa “You must fall down the rabbit hole”.