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Sourcing newness: ways of inducing indeterminacy

[Nuevo artículo de Michael Hutter & Ignacio Farías en Journal of Cultural Economy]

“Sourcing newness: ways of inducing indeterminacy”

Michael Hutter & Ignacio Farías


This paper engages with the question of the new as the first stage in what may, at a later time, turn into an innovation. Taking our cue from John Dewey, the new is here interpreted as a consequence of indeterminacy. We study practices that induce indeterminacy in order to ‘source’ the new. Based on findings from a collective research programme, we distinguish three ways of inducing indeterminacy: configuring situations, creating things and risking valuations. For each of these ways of inducing indeterminacy basic variations are described and discussed in greater detail. The three ways of inducing indeterminacy are shown to correspond to a present-centred concept of time that distinguishes the now from a past and a future horizon. The cases presented affirm the claim that the new is not an inevitable consequence of the increasing entanglement of technoscience and the economy but something that needs to be sought for, cared for and actively produced.

KEYWORDS: Innovation, Dewey, indeterminacy, novelty, studio studies, artistic interventions, translation, valuation, critique Continue reading

Fabian Muniesa presenta ¿A dónde va la antropología del valor financiero? UDP 20 Abril


Fabián Muniesa, sociólogo del Centro de Sociología de la Innovación de la Escuela de Minas de París, propone examinar las características del síndrome cultural de la valorización financiera, re pensando el valor económico desde un nuevo punto de vista de las ciencias sociales y las humanidades. 20 de abril, 11.30hrs. Auditorio Biblioteca Nicanor Parra. Entrada Liberada. Continue reading

Making Things Valuable

Making Things ValuableOxford University Press acaba de publicar el libro Making Things Valuable editado por Martin Kornberger, Lise Justesen, Anders Koed Madsen & Jan Mouritsen. El libro incluye capítulos de temas y autores discutidos frecuentemente en este blog. Por ejemplo, el capítulo 1 de Wendy Espeland y Stacy Lom “Noticining Numbers: how quantification changes what we see and what we don’t”; el capítulo 5 de Liliana Doganova y Fabian Muniesa “Capitalization Devices: Business Models and the renewal of markets”; el capítulo 6 de Trine Pallesen “Valuable Assemblages – Or Assembling Values”; o el capítulo 11 de Celia Lury y Noortje Marres “Notes on Objectual Valuation”. El contribuidor de este blog José Ossandón es el autor del capítulo 9 “The enactment of economic things: The objects of insurance”.


La introducción al volume está disponible en Continue reading