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CfP_From Prizes to Prices and Vice Versa

Call for Papers: Prizes and Prices: From Prizes to Prices and Vice Versa. As part of a broader project –Performances of Value: Competition and Competitions Inside and Outside Markets– we call for papers for a workshop that will take place on January 13-14, 2017 at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy. Organizers: David Stark (PI), Elena Esposito, Kristian Kreiner, Celia Lury, Fabian Muniesa, and Christine Musselin. Costs for travel, lodging, and meals for workshop participants will be covered by a grant from The Leverhulme Trust. Abstracts of no longer than 500 words should be submitted by May 31, 2016. All submissions should be made toAna.Gross@warwick.ac.ukContinue reading

PhD position in Science and Technology Studies at Linköping University

[From Dasts] Applications are invited for a fully funded PhD position in Science and Technology Studies at Linköping University. You will work under the supervision of Professor Steve Woolgar, as a part of the Department of Thematic Studies (Technology and Social Change) – a lively and growing unit of some 45 Faculty, Postdoctoral Researchers and PhD students. Research interests and substantive topics are open, although preference may be given to applicants with interests or experience in any of the following: Technologies of assessment: rating, ranking and evaluation; Digital technologies; visualization; Development and use of algorithms, as played out for example, in the analysis of big data; Markets and marketing.  Continue reading

Marie-France Garcia-Parpet en UFRJ

Cfp_EGOS Sub-theme 25: Devising Markets and Other Valuation Sites

Devising Markets and Other Valuation Sites. Convened by Liz McFall, Claes-Frederik Helgesson and Pascale Trompette. Invites papers exploring how markets and other valuation sites are ‘devised’ through the interaction of practices, processes and technologies. The aim is to further develop understanding of the role of knowledge and devices in shaping economies and markets in two ways.

  • First, this sub-theme will explore the dynamic practices of ‘devising’. What forms of reasoning, reflexivity and responsibility are at play and how are they distributed across markets and other sites?
  • Second, it considers how things become objects of quantification, judgement and valuation. What gets quantified, calculated, judged and valued as part of this ‘devising work’, by whom and for what purposes.

Continue reading

Valor Economico: the search for value in economic reporting in Brazil

Valor Economico is currently the leading economic journal in Brazil. Despite it’s being relatively new (it was created in 2000), it has quickly become the top venue for specialised economic discussion. Inspired by the Financial Times, Valor aims to produce pluralistic, well-informed, analytical reporting on the economy, and the social and political issues that surround business. As its title suggests, the journal claims to produce news that generates economic value. How to explain Valor’s rapid success? This post draws on three months of ethnographic observations in Valor Economico’s Sao Paulo newsroom and on thirty interviews with members of its staff. I’m grateful for the generous disposition of Valor’s editorial direction, and the many journalists who shared their working practices and perspectives with me. Without their openness, this research would not be possible. Continue reading

Values and value

Manuel Tironi circula este mensaje avisando del nuevo e interactivo sitio Values & Value asociado al proyecto del mismo nombre dirigido por Bev Skeggs: Continue reading

Mercados, performatividad y objetos en EGOS 2014

El lunes 13 de enero vence el plazo para postular al “30th EGOS Colloquium. Reimagining, Rethinking, Reshaping: Organizational Scholarship in Unsettled Times” que se llevará a cabo del 3 al 5 de Julio en Rotterdam. Como es tradición en los coloquios de EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies), más que por una conferencia el evento se compodrá de 61 seminarios paralelos. Acá van tres sub-temas que podrán ser de interés para los lectores de este blog: Continue reading

Economic Sociology E. Newsletter (French style)

El Nuevo número de Economic Sociology_the European Electronic Newsletter viene cargado a la reciente sociología francesa de los mercados y las “cualidades” e incluye, entre otros, un artículo de F. Cochoy y S. Dubuisson-Quellier y una entrevista con Lucien Karpik. Acá va el índice: Continue reading

Número especial HAU sobre antropología del valor

Nuevo número del excelente journal de libre acceso HAU esta vez con un número especial sobre antropología del valor, que incluye, entre varios a otros, artículos de David Graber, George Marcus y Marshall Sahlins y una traducción de M. Mauss preparada e introducida por Jane Guyer.

David Stark’s “silent lectures”


Nuestro entrevistado de la semana pasada, David Stark, recomienda a los lectores de este blog sus “silent lectures” o clases silenciosas. Una serie de  presentaciones en power point diseñadas para ser presentadas en silencio y – por ende- útiles en diferentes idiomas y para material docente. Son cuatro temas: Continue reading