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New issue Economic Sociology: the European Electronic Newsletter. The results of accounting

Nuevo número de Economic Sociology: the European Electronic Newsletter, el segundo a cargo de la editora de este año Zsuzsanna Vargha. El número se titula “The results of accounting” y además de artículos por Matthias Thiemann & Jan Friedrich, Yuval Millo et al, Guus Dix, Hendrik Vollmer y Jens Beckert, incluye: una reseña de Felipe González del último libro de Nigel Dodd, The Social Life of Money, y una descripción de las tesis de doctorado de Felipe González y de Ana Gross. Continue reading

Cfp_Debt trails: Mapping relations of debt and credit from everyday actors to global credit markets

Debt trails: Mapping relations of debt and credit from everyday actors to global credit markets. A workshop with Paul Langley and Liz McFall, 3-4 March 2016, Budapest, Hungary, ELTE University.

The 2007-8 global financial crisis was interpreted by many as a challenge to mainstream economics and as an opportunity for social sciences to provide alternative explanations. This opportunity has hardly been realised, even though the crisis has given further impetus to studies looking at credit and debt outside the economics discipline. One of the reasons lays in the disciplinary variety and theoretical lenses used by social sciences, ranging from economic sociology to economic geography, political economy and social studies of finance, which arguably do not provide a uniform, let alone universal explanation as economics does.  Continue reading

CFP_ Organizing Charisma: On the Role of Sentimental Relations in Formal Organizations

Joe Deville nos avisa del siguiente panel para ISA 2014 que él organiza junto a Liz McFall:

Organizing Charisma: On the Role of Sentimental Relations in Formal Organizations. A call for papers for a panel at the XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology, 13-19 July 2014, Yokohama, being jointly convened by RC17 Sociology of Organizations and RC39 Sociology of Disasters. Abstracts can now be submitted via the ISA 2014 site (deadline 30 September). Any questions, please let the session organisers know.  Continue reading

Low and high finance studies after performativity: a speculative workshop report

[Como parte de nuestra colaboración inter-redes publicamos este post conjuntamente con Charisma-Network y Socializing Finance. Como siempre, comentarios – en español o inglés – son muy bienvenidos]


On June 21 and 22 I participated in the workshop “Understanding the Knitting: new methods for investigating the interactions of low and high finance” supported by The Open and Leicester universities and organized by Joe Deville, Karen D. Ho, Liz McFall, Yuval Millo and Zsuzsanna Vargha. As expected -considering the excellent line-up and the space given by the organizers for open experimental presentations -, this was a very rich, interesting and fun event. In this quite (I am sorry for that) dense text, I draw from what happened in the workshop in order to suggest a series of questions speculating about the knots knitting “low” and “high” finance and our place as finance students there. Continue reading