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Leaky data: How Wonga makes lending decisions

[Como parte de nuestra colaboración inter-redes publicamos este post conjuntamente con Charisma-Network. Joe Deville investiga el controversial uso que hace la empresa prestamista Wonga de las huellas que dejamos involuntariamente en internet para evaluar a sus potenciales clientes. Como siempre, comentarios – en español o inglés – son muy bienvenidos]

Wonga.com is not only the most high profile and controversial payday lender in the UK, it is also the most technologically advanced. By automatically sorting through 8,000 different data points, it claims to be particularly good at sorting borrowers who will repay from those who will not, based on its distinctive method of credit assessment. But, apart from Wonga insiders, no-one quite knows how this is done. I’m going to look at what you can learn from what is publically available – once you know how to look – and what the implications might be, as these practices spread.  Continue reading